European Alliance for Social Sciences and humanities (EASSH)

EASSH is an umbrella organisation gathering together over 50 of the most active European organisations working in the social sciences and humanities, including universities and research institutes.

Our mission: to ensure that the social sciences and humanities research community has a role in influencing the design and development of science policy.

We do this by being an accessible and informed representative for socials sciences and humanities in science policymaking, which :

  • Ensure that proper attention is paid to social sciences and humanities at all levels of research and innovation and education policies
  • Demonstrates how social sciences and humanities define and address the societal issues of greatest concern to EU citizens
  • Argues to ensure these societal issues for part of the science policy debate in Europe and beyond
  • Creates a focal point to connect national, European and international social sciences and humanities organisations, and policy – and decision-makers
  • Engages with decision-makers and funders from every sector, from industry to charitable foundations, from politics to community organisations
  • Provides a forum for members to identify and discuss issues of common interest
  • Fosters the interests of its members with respect to the institutions of the European Union and other European and international bodies in all fields relevant to social sciences and humanities
  • Acts as a partner for targeted actions, delivering work that demonstrates the impact and value of the social sciences and humanities
  • Works with ministries, foundations, public and private institutions to ensure the visibility of social sciences and humanities research

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